About US


RIMEA is a Records Management Consulting and Capacity Building firm with over 100 corporate clients in the region.

Our services include Developing of Records Management Policies and Procedures, Records Management Audits, Records Management Inventory, Records Digitization/Bulk Scanning, Records Management Disposition as well as Implementation of Electronic Document Management Systems.

With our services, we not only enable organization to better manage their records, but also provide structural support to enable them to be self-sufficient on matters records management.

Mission Statement:

“To become a global leader in Information Management, Business Process Management and Business Continuity”

Our Vision:

We inspire individuals and organizations to work more effectively and efficiently.  Our business has a positive impact on millions of people every day. Helping people improve service delivery and manage information better is what we love to do

RIMEA Conferences

In building a community of great professionals, RIMEA in partnership with regional associations and professional bodies hosts conferences aimed at empowering the records and information management professionals in the region. We invite you to be part of the conferences

Coming 2022, we shall be hosting conferences across the entire continent in partnership with governments and regional associations.